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This book is composed of four parts: Epidemiology, Biology of Vibrio cholerae, Cholera Toxin, Antagonists and Treatment. The first two parts describe the history of cholera, its geographical distribution, mode of transmission, structural and functional activities of V. cholerae. The third part deals with the cholera toxin in a study of antagonist drugs used to treat cholera. The author's detailed discussion of the structural and functional aspects of the cholera toxin paves the way for future drug discovery to both prevent and cure cholera. In addition to W.H.O. and other regulatory treatment regimens, the fourth part adds to an overall understanding of current methods and potential areas for enhancement of outcomes for the welfare of individuals and society.

Table of Contents:

Part 1 Epidemiology

  • Chapter 1 Cholera and Spatial Epidemiology
  • Chapter 2 Evaluating Spatial and Space-Time Clustering of Cholera in Ashanti-Region-Ghana
  • Chapter 3 Cholera in Lao P. D. R.: Past and Present

Part 2 Biology of Vibrio Cholera

  • Chapter 4 Vibrio cholerae Flagellar Synthesis and Virulence
  • Chapter 5 Genetic Analysis of CTX Prophage and Antibiotic Resistance Determinants in Vibrio cholerae O1 Belonging to the Atypical El Tor Biotype from Kelantan, Malaysia
  • Chapter 6 Integration of Global Regulatory Mechanisms Controlling Vibrio Cholerae Behavior

Part 3 Cholera Toxin and Antagonists

  • Chapter 7 The Cholera Toxin as a Biotechnological Tool
  • Chapter 8 Brefeldin A and Exo1 Completely Releave the Block of Cholera Toxin Action by a Dipeptide Metalloendoprotease Substrate
  • Chapter 9 Structure Based Design of Cholera Toxin Antagonists

Part 4 Treatment

  • Chapter 10 Evidence Based Treatment of Cholera: A review of Existing Literature


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