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Health of People, Health of Planet and Our Responsibility - - Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health

This book provides a unique perspective on the multidimensional aspects of the health impacts of climate change and air pollution, which include the sciences, impacts, solutions, and advocacy of the solutions. The book is intended to add a new approach to climate change by focusing on its health impacts from a multidisciplinary understanding that can be used for academic, political, faith, community, and activism purposes.

Part I The Anthropocene: Human–Nature Interactions

  • Complexity of Life and Its Dependence on the Environment
  • Biological Extinction and Climate Change
  • Sustaining Life: Human Health–Planetary Health Linkages
  • How Do Our Actions Undermine Nature?
  • Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Health: Common Sources, Similar Impacts, and Common Solutions

Part II Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Health:

  • The Underlying Science and Impacts
  • Air Pollution: Adverse Effects and Disease Burden
  • Air Pollution, Oxidative Stress, and Public Health in the Anthropocene
  • Climate Change, Air Pollution, and the Environment: The Health Argument
  • Reducing Air Pollution: Avoidable Health Burden

Part III Climate Change and Health: Sustainability and Vulnerable

  • Populations and Regions
  • Vulnerable Populations and Regions: Middle East as a Case Study
  • Climate Change Risks for Agriculture, Health, and Nutrition
  • Sustaining Water Resources
  • Health Climate Justice and Deforestation in the Amazon

Part IV Climate Change and Health: Perspectives from Physicians

  • Psychological Impacts of Climate Change and Recommendations
  • Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease: A Proven Causality
  • Healthy People, Healthy Planet: Holistic Thinking

Part V Climate Change and Health: Social Impacts

  • Climate Change, Public Health, Social Peace
  • Climate Justice and Public Health: Practical Ethics in Urgent Times
  • Health of People, Health of the Planet, Health of Migrants

Part VI Overarching Solutions: The Role of Religion

  • Faith in God and the Health of People
  • Caring for Creation: The Evangelical’s Guide
  • Call to Action from Faith Leaders

Part VII Overarching Solutions: The Role of Science and Technology

  • Public Health Co-benefits of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Good Health in the Anthropocene Epoch: Potential for Transformative Solutions
  • Well Under 2 °C: Ten Solutions for Carbon Neutrality and Climate Stability
  • Defeating Energy Poverty: Invest in Scalable Solutions for the Poor
  • Sensor-Enabled Climate Financing for Clean Cooking
  • Research Is Vital to Tackling Climate Change, But It Cannot Succeed Alone

Part VIII Call to Action

  • Governor of California
  • United States Congressman
  • Challenges and Opportunities for a Sustainable Planet
  • Sustainable Development Goals and Health: Toward a Revolution in Values
  • A Call to Action by Health Professionals 


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